Winter Workplace Safety Tips

Winter weather can present health and safety hazards to workers, visitors and other occupants of the spaces you manage.  Encouraging a few healthy habits, knowing the signs of poor health and ensuring preventative safety precautions are in place can help your facility remain accident-free throughout the season. Encourage Appropriate Winter Dress Code When the temperature drops […]

Office Improvements That Will Boost Worker Productivity

Multiple studies have found a distinct connection between the office environment and employee productivity. A well-designed office can increase a team’s overall productivity by about 20% and a company’s most productive employees can increase its yearly profit by $5,000. However, the average cost of unfocused and disengaged employees can reach $450-550 billion yearly. A modern office space […]

Design Your Retail Spaces to Increase Sales

Retail has been around for a very long time and there are many ways to design your space. Each company is unique and often has unique design needs. However, there are some common design strategies that all retailers can use to increase sales. From telling your brand’s story to creating perfect experiences, when it comes to retail, it’s […]

Preparing Office Facilities for Winter

The leaves are changing and the weather is cool and crisp.  It’s time to prepare your office facilities for winter. For property and facility managers, this means adjusting and upgrading many areas of the office, including the exterior of the building and the surrounding property. Here are some ways you can ensure the comfort and safety […]

Emergency Preparedness for Property Managers

September is national Emergency Preparedness month.  Along with other important duties, every property manager should consider having a well thought out emergency plan. Ideally, it will never need to be used.  However, being prepared is always important. Plan Components If an emergency does strike, having a solid response plan can save lives in addition to […]