Keeping Your Warehouse Cool this Summer

Summer is in full swing and the temperature is rising.  During the warmer weather, it’s important to keep your warehouse cool for the workers’ safety and keeping complaints at a minimum. When the air conditioning breaks down on a sweltering July afternoon, unhappy workers panic and the cost is high to have it fixed quickly.  […]

HVLS Fans for Cooling and Sustainability

HVLS (high volume, low speed) fans offer many benefits compared to smaller high-speed fans for warehouses and many commercial facilities.  These fans not only cool spaces more efficiently, but they are also environmentally friendly products that save you money. How They Work HVLS fans are large and mounted to the ceiling or wall.  They range […]

Distributing Air in Your Facility with Efficiency

It’s been a hot summer in Kansas City this year.  It is important to keep your facility or warehouse cool for a comfortable working environment, temperature control for certain items and preventing issues resulting from a hot space.  Besides having a properly working HVAC system, HVLS fans are also an effective way to keep air […]