Mitigation for Frozen Pipes and Water Damage

When water freezes at 32ºF or below, it can expand up to 10% in volume causing pipes to crack.  Even a small 1/8-inch crack can cause 250 gallons of water a day to flow into your building. This can result in flooding, severe structural damage and an opportunity for fungus and mold growth. When this […]

Transform Your Facility with Custom Furnishings

In today’s fast-paced work environment, it’s important to respond to change and control costs. In addition to brick and mortar, a facility also needs to consider the current furnishings. Investing in durable and custom furniture can help any company create an attractive space, provide functionality and create value. Consistent and Attractive Aesthetic The days of […]

Custom Cabinets for Success

Mid-America Contractors in Kansas City has been building custom cabinetry for commercial spaces for over 10 years.  We are one of few contractors in the area that has an on-site full service custom cabinet shop.  This helps ensure a hassle-free experience. By utilizing our in-house cabinet shop, it ensures we can complete your project on […]

Small Projects that Make a Big Impact

For most people, a place of work is a home away from home.  The building or facility you manage or lease is a home for many and part of the public face of a company.  Most appealing and productive facilities reflect a professional image along with a few comforts of home.  But is your facility […]

Better Your Business with Custom Furnishings

The grim and stark pieces of company furniture are no longer popular choices in today’s business world.  Companies today have realized the importance of investing in better quality custom furnishings.  Higher levels of productivity and efficiency, durability, added comfort, appeal and practicality are all functional benefits of custom designed furniture. Create an Appealing Environment Any […]