Keeping Your Warehouse Cool this Summer

Summer is in full swing and the temperature is rising.  During the warmer weather, it’s important to keep your warehouse cool for the workers’ safety and keeping complaints at a minimum. When the air conditioning breaks down on a sweltering July afternoon, unhappy workers panic and the cost is high to have it fixed quickly.  […]

Keeping Occupants Comfortable in the Winter

Temperature control is always a headache for facility and property managers.  Some areas of buildings stay cool and others warm.  Occupants often complain they are either too cold or hot.  Trying to keep everyone satisfied is a challenge.  However, knowing the type of heating control in your facility and taking a few actions can help […]

Hot Work for Facilities

Hot Work Hot work continues to be a leading cause of industrial fires and responsible for many of the most severe fire losses. Hot work is often associated welding and cutting, but it also includes any work that produces excess heat, such as burning, brazing, grinding, soldering, thermal resistance heating, or torch applied roofing.  Having […]

Tips for Your Next Commercial Construction Project

Commercial construction projects are often complex due to several factors that affect the final outcome.  Every construction plan involves several components including designs, plans, materials, schedules, budgets and more.  Opportunities for potential pitfalls do exist, but even the most high-profile demanding projects can be completed on budget and on time when you have the right […]

Better Your Business with Custom Furnishings

The grim and stark pieces of company furniture are no longer popular choices in today’s business world.  Companies today have realized the importance of investing in better quality custom furnishings.  Higher levels of productivity and efficiency, durability, added comfort, appeal and practicality are all functional benefits of custom designed furniture. Create an Appealing Environment Any […]