Fall Maintenance Tips for Office Buildings

Summer will be coming to an end before we know it.  As autumn approaches, the cooler temperatures are followed by falling leaves and eventually snow.   The cold winter often presents challenges for property and facility managers and maintenance crews.  When it comes to preparing for the winter season, there are four important tasks that will […]

Keeping Occupants Comfortable in the Winter

Temperature control is always a headache for facility and property managers.  Some areas of buildings stay cool and others warm.  Occupants often complain they are either too cold or hot.  Trying to keep everyone satisfied is a challenge.  However, knowing the type of heating control in your facility and taking a few actions can help […]

“No Sweat” Ideas for Keeping Facility Occupants Cool this Summer

As the temperature rises in Kansas City, keeping your facility occupants cool is important.  When the air conditioning system fails to work on a sweltering July afternoon, everyone suffers.  However, it is not too late to prevent summer facility issues with a few easy actions. HVAC Service A properly working air conditioning system is critical […]

Spring Maintenance for Commercial Properties

The official start of spring is coming soon and winter conditions may have caused stress to commercial structures.  Spring is important time to make sure certain tasks are completed to prepare for summer and repair any damage caused by extreme cold and wet weather.  Proactive maintenance can help prevent damage to a property, saving time […]

Spring HVAC Maintenance

As the month of March approaches, it’s time to start thinking about the facility maintenance tasks that need to be performed in the spring.  HVAC systems need spring cleaning and inspections to ensure optimal performance during the hot summer.  The spring HVAC maintenance checklist should include an inspection, repairs and adjustments to make sure your […]

Fall HVAC Maintenance

Now is the time to make sure your HVAC system is in proper working order for the upcoming winter.  Even the most experienced facility and property managers need to find a reliable HVAC professional to help perform essential preventative maintenance tasks to ensure successful and energy efficient operations at all times. Cleaning and Adjustments The […]