Office Improvements That Will Boost Worker Productivity

Multiple studies have found a distinct connection between the office environment and employee productivity. A well-designed office can increase a team’s overall productivity by about 20% and a company’s most productive employees can increase its yearly profit by $5,000. However, the average cost of unfocused and disengaged employees can reach $450-550 billion yearly. A modern office space may also help you keep your existing employees motivated as well as attract new talents. Below are several improvements you can make to your office for increased productivity and worker satisfaction.

Air Quality

Bad air quality has a negative impact on health and productivity. “Sick building syndrome” resulting from poor office ventilation causes symptoms like headaches, fatigue, coughing, and more.  Elevated levels of CO2 can decrease performance by 10% and increase rates of absenteeism.  Keep the air quality in your office optimal by installing a ventilation system, opening windows to let in the fresh air and placing an ample amount of plants throughout the space.

Break Rooms

People can’t focus and work for 8 hours without a few breaks. Having a space for employees to rest, chat with colleagues, and have refreshments is a must in the modern workplace. When designing a break room, incorporate design elements that will encourage relaxation. It should be a place for employees to take a mental pause and help them feel rested to stay focused and effective.  Bright colors and cozy furnishings will make your break room look comfortable and inviting.


Sitting is the new smoking and a major cause of worked absenteeism due to neck strain, back pain and leg pain. Ergonomic chairs, keyboards, and standing desks can improve workers’ productivity by up to 10%.  In addition, replace boring and outdated furniture. Colorful and vibrant furnishings bring enthusiasm, stress reduction and increased productivity.

Fitness Area

Physical activity is crucial for employee health and productivity. Physical activities improve concentration, enhance creativity, and have other positive side effects. While you don’t need to have a fully equipped in-house gym, you can still encourage your employees to be active by having a place for stretching and movement.


A small kitchenette or lunch room gives workers a place to eat or make a cup of tea during their workday.  Proper meals keep employees healthy and balanced. However, over 50% of employees eat lunch at their desks, depriving themselves of time to relax and recharge. Having a kitchenette or a designated place to eat encourages even the laziest employees to get up from their desks, move around, and return to work more energized.

Room Color

Green has been found to be considered calming and the best color for productivity. However, other colors may also be effective. Blue is great for improving efficiency and helps people to focus.  Yellow, which stimulates creativity, is an optimal choice for artists, designers, and creative workers. Red is bold and can increase heart rate which is a good choice for jobs that require physical activity.

Zen Meditation Room

Meditation has many health and psychological benefits including reduced stress, better focusing skills, and a greater ability to prioritize effectively.  If you create a meditation room in your office space, make sure it is designed to be calming and relaxing. Relaxing colors, plants and access to fresh air will make for a space where workers can take an effective meditation break.

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