A Winter Home Project that Won’t Leave You Cold

We often think of doing many home improvement projects during the spring and summer especially exterior improvements.  Painting, siding, windows and landscaping projects rule supreme during the warmer temperatures. But what can you do when the mercury drops? Winter is a great time to finish your basement for several reasons.

Increased Contractor Availability

It is a common misconception that the spring and summer months are better suited for construction and renovation. The cold temperatures outside do not mean contractors can’t work inside!  In fact, contractors’ availability is often better during the winter. Scheduling conflicts are not an issue and contractors usually welcome work during traditionally slower times like these.


Homeowners who save their basement projects for the spring and summer are missing out – especially with timing. When projects start during the spring or summer, they will carry over into the cooler months. By the time construction is over, you may not be able to fully enjoy the finished product.

Starting a basement remodeling project during the winter means a pleasant spring. Your new basement will be so much more inviting when paired with summer gatherings. There is also the added bonus of eliminating the potential for mold since it starts to grow and spread with warmer weather and higher humidity.

Other Factors

Winter construction does have a few important factors to consider. Workers will be going in and out of your home to do their jobs. You are bound to feel some cold drafts. However, it can be handled with relative ease. Hanging tarps and containing the basement area can substantially reduce the cold from seeping in. Various wood, plaster, and concrete dusts can also be contained with proper portable ventilation systems, which many contractors already have.

If you are considering a basement improvement project, contact MAC today. We have a residential department dedicated to meet your needs and exceed all expectations.  MAC is a contractor Kansas City property and facility managers have trusted for more than 25 years.  We provide tenant finish and remodeling servicescustom furnishingsconstruction services and more!






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