Design Your Retail Spaces to Increase Sales

Retail has been around for a very long time and there are many ways to design your space. Each company is unique and often has unique design needs. However, there are some common design strategies that all retailers can use to increase sales.

From telling your brand’s story to creating perfect experiences, when it comes to retail, it’s all about the details. In a successful retail space, the furnishings, lighting, atmosphere and other elements all blend together seamlessly.


Once you have set the layout of your space complete, it’s time to choose furnishings. Don’t underestimate the power of shelving, cabinetry, countertops, tables and more.  To make the most of your furnishings, custom-made furniture can make a big impact.  High quality materials such as wood, stone and metal are often more appealing, durable, will last a long time and are worth the investment.  Also, mirrors can be beneficial when placed strategically throughout the space. People behave better when they can see themselves and mirrors have proven to be a remarkably effective theft deterrent.


Atmosphere is an aspect that some businesses overlook, but it’s more important than you realize. Bad lighting, exposed beams, and a warehouse type feel creates a sense of being in a certain type of retailer. High-end spaces must cultivate a different climate. A bargain bin with closeout deals doesn’t connote high-end shopping and wouldn’t be suitable for, say, an exclusive jewelry store.  Telling your story with branding, artwork and various colors also all contribute to the atmosphere of your space. Creating an atmosphere that mirrors your business image is key.


While lighting may be an afterthought, retail lighting can provide much more than simple ambiance. To decide what kind of atmosphere you want your lighting to create, think about how you want customers to feel in your space. Warm, soft lighting can make people feel relaxed and comfortable, while brighter lighting helps customers see products more clearly. Select vintage fixtures, chandeliers, or dome lighting to create a more intimate feel, versus recess, track lighting, or suspended fixtures to help create more of a professional atmosphere. If you have a small area that you’re trying to make feel larger, consider using cool lighting. Or, if you’re trying to invoke a sense of familiarity or nostalgia in your facility then you’ll want to use warmer-toned lighting.

Retail square footage is costly. The worst thing you can do with your physical space as a retailer is to be complacent. Stay current on trends and keep making small improvements to keep up with the industry and competition.

For more retail tips, contact MAC today.   MAC is a contractor Kansas City property and facility managers have trusted for more than 25 years.  MAC can help you with any facility repairsremodelingcustom cabinetryconstruction and many other projects.



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