Keep Your Warehouse Workers Warm This Winter

Autumn is upon us and soon the cold winter weather will follow.  It is important to keep workers comfortable in a cold warehouse so that productivity is not affected. To avoid the sting of winter weather in your warehouse, MAC has provided a few tips to help keep everyone in the warehouse warm!

Keep a Watchful Eye on All Doors

Large industrial doors can let a lot of cold air in while opened.  Even a door that remains closed with the exception of people going in and out can still affect the temperature. Caulking the gaps around doors can mitigate heat loss and unused doors that are rarely opened can be covered with plastic sheeting to minimize the amount of cold air entering the building.

Increase Airflow

If you warehouse is still cold when the heat is on 24/7, the fixtures and design of the building could be preventing the heat from being distributed to all areas.  If shelves are blocking airflow, consider some lower-profile wire shelving to let air flow through. Certain fans can also help with circulation and draw hot air in from the ceiling and move it to the ground.  Simple ceiling fans can also help with circulation.

Get Extra Heaters

If conditions are not improved with increased airflow and blocked air from entering the facility, then heaters are an option.  Industrial-sized propane heaters can be placed throughout the facility where heat is needed the most. With the combined efforts of heaters, circulating fans and blocking cold air from doors, your warehouse should remain at a more comfortable temperature for the workers.

Remember, keeping your workers happy is important to productivity.  The environment they work in is an important part of their happiness and keeping the right temperature will help ensure a satisfactory experience.

For more information, contact MAC today.  MAC is a contractor Kansas City property and facility managers have trusted for more than 25 years.  We provide facility repairscustom cabinetry servicestenant finish services and more!




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