Kitchen Styles Identified

When you decide that it is time to update and remodel your kitchen, it is important to tell your contractor what type of style you have in mind.  There is no right or wrong type of style and they can be intermixed, but it helps to know the differences when you start the process of comparing quotes.

Modern Design

Modern kitchens have a very specific design style.  Modern kitchens focus on form over function.  There are generally no ornate or decorative accents which accentuate clean lines and simplicity. Frameless cabinets, flat panel doors, minimal trim, sleek appliances and shiny or metallic finishes are the main features of the modern style.

Contemporary Design

The definition of the word contemporary is “of the current time.”   This style is represented by what is currently prominent in kitchens. For example, grays and neutral colors are the desired colors in kitchens now. The tenets of contemporary kitchen style now include like cutting-edge appliances that feature smart or tech-savvy synchronization, environmentally friendly products, layered lighting plan and a mix of materials and lines.

Transitional Design

The transitional style combines warm traditional design features with cool and polished modern elements.  An example of a transitional kitchen might include ornate cabinet door frames with traditional hardware installed.  A butcher-block style kitchen island with quartz countertops create an appealing transitional style.  Other adornments for this type of kitchen might incorporate a chair rail installed along the walls and a fashionable chandelier or suspended pendants to convey an edgy style.

Once you have an idea of the type of design you desire for your kitchen, it is time to start planning and contacting contractors! For more information on remodeling your kitchen, contact MAC today.  Just like the trusted reputation of or commercial division, we are dedicated to completing your home improvements on-time and on-budget.




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