Water Saving Tips for Commercial Buildings

Reducing water consumption both inside and outside of commercial facilities is easy, affordable, good for the environment and will help reduce costs.  Taking a few of these simple actions doesn’t just save water — it also helps ease the burden on your municipality. 25 percent of a local government’s electricity bill is due to treatment of wastewater on average. Reducing the amount of wastewater generated helps to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions generated for its treatment.

Separately Meter Your Irrigation and Cooling Tower

Having a submeter for your irrigation is easy and important.  A submeter for irrigation will let you know how much water you are using, track your savings and calculate the financial impact of your water reduction efforts. Also, if you do not have your irrigation separately metered, you are probably paying sewer charges on that water. Municipalities can only track water coming into a building, so you are charged for your consumption for both water charges and sewer charges.  Sewer bills should decrease if you have a separate meter for irrigation.

The same rules apply to cooling tower water use. You can’t reduce the evaporation rate if you do not know how much water you are using, and you should not be paying sewer charges on cooling tower water that is being lost to irrigation.  Make irrigation and cooling tower water submeters a priority.

Change Flush Valves and Faucet Aerators
If the toilets in you facility were installed before 1992, you are likely using three to five gallons of water per toilet flush.  This is more than triple what current fixtures use. Flush valves now only use 1.28 gallons-per-flush (gpf). Changing the flush valve allows on commercial toilets does not cost much and you retain the actual toilet.

Most standard faucet aerators use almost the same amount of water as a shower to wash your hands which wastes a lot of water. New aerators that use far less water cost as little as $2 each!

The above tips are only a few actions you can take to reduce water usage and save money.  For more information on improving your commercial building, contact MAC today.  MAC is a contractor Kansas City property and facility managers have trusted for more than 25 years.  We provide facility repairscustom cabinetry servicestenant finish services and more!



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