How to Manage a Retail Space with Success

Preventative Maintenance Plan

Prevention is key for any facility.  However, it is especially important for retail spaces because an unpleasant experience can deter customers for an indefinite amount of time.  An HVAC system failure, loss of lighting or equipment breakdown can drastically affect the customer experience and the business.  Performing a regular maintenance check of all operational equipment and fixtures, interior and exterior lighting, the roof, and ceiling tiles can help prevent a minor issue become a major problem for the facility.

Cleanliness & Restrooms

Give your facility a daily inspection for dirty windows, stained carpets, dust, footprints and clutter and make sure dirty areas are clean. Public perception is often a deciding factor in the success of a retail space.

Remember the importance of restrooms! Customers often associate a filthy restroom with poor management. Many complaints including messiness, odor and clogged toilets  can be avoided by adhering to restroom cleaning log. Cutting costs in the restroom is not advised.  Ineffective choices that are cheaper can lead to a bad impression.


Consider environmentally friendly choices. This makes a positive impact on customers and employees. Green products, paint and design features are simple ways to promote how you are being a sustainable business.  Many retail facilities are also able to implement sustainable lighting practices by switching out old lamps and bulbs with energy saving LED lights.  Be sure to also watch your waste. A recycling program is another easy way to support your company’s environmental policies.  Other sustainable practices include hazardous waste disposal, energy efficient equipment and landscaping. Any green product or practice makes a positive difference!

These are only a few ideas for managing a successful retail facility.  For more information, contact MAC today.  MAC is a contractor Kansas City property and facility managers have trusted for more than 25 years.  We provide facility repairscustom cabinetry servicestenant finish services and more!





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