Increasing Value of Medical Office Buildings (MOB’s)

The need for medical services will increase over the next decade due to demographics and new healthcare legislation. The baby boomer generation will grow by 36 percent and the recent laws passed will ensure that 32 million additional Americans will have health insurance. This is important for medical office facilities as medical practitioners and patients will seek out facilities that are functional, clean, attractive and provide an overall sense of comfort. When managing or leasing a medical office facility, make sure to look for the following factors that will increase value while creating a space occupants and visitors will enjoy:

Flow of Circulation

The flow of circulation is critical in a medical office. All MOB’s must have a visible waiting area with a designated one-way line to the check-in desk. A medical office should have a series of interlinking systems that have different functions and directions. A loop or a central core is efficient as it saves time and increases the staff and doctors’ productivity.  The type of flow in a medical space is also determined by the kind of medical practice occupying the area. The circulation needs to be clear and straightforward for patients to avoid confusing walkways and intersections that can inhibit productivity and cause patients to get lost.


With rapid advances in technology, flexibility is an important component of MOB’s. Having a facility that has room for expansion when needed, multi-functional areas for easy conversion and contains both hard and soft spaces will enhance the life of the facility and provide more value.

Green Spaces

Current trends in MOB’s include green spaces. Outdoor green spaces and the use of natural light creates a pleasant environment for patients and staff.  Green spaces also include water fountains, trees, and lawns. Busy waiting rooms can often feel small and stuffy, but having visible green spaces, sufficient airflow and natural daylight can help lessen these effects.

Optimal patient care is the main goal of any medical facility. Making sure MOB’s have an efficient flow of circulation, flexibility and green spaces will provide a healthy work environment for occupants and patients while increasing the value of the facility. For more information or assistance with constructing or remodeling your medical office facility, call MAC today.  MAC is a contractor Kansas City property and facility managers have trusted for more than 25 years.  We provide facility repairscustom cabinetry servicestenant finish services and more!




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