Keeping Occupants Comfortable in the Winter

Temperature control is always a headache for facility and property managers.  Some areas of buildings stay cool and others warm.  Occupants often complain they are either too cold or hot.  Trying to keep everyone satisfied is a challenge.  However, knowing the type of heating control in your facility and taking a few actions can help you manage the heat distribution and keep your occupants comfortable.

In most facilities, heating systems are often controlled by individual rooms, zones or the whole building.  Room control consists of a wall mounted thermostat installed in each room of a facility.  This of course provides the best comfort level for occupants, but is the most expensive.  Zone control is a method of heating control that is more budget friendly. One control device determines the amount of heat provided to several areas within one zone. The other common type of heat control is from one device to distribute heat to the entire building.  Building control is the least expensive method, but usually has the highest level of discomfort for occupants.  The amount of heat for the whole facility is based on the outdoor air temperature.

Whatever type of heat control is installed in your facility, there are some actions you can take for a desired comfort level while remaining energy efficient:

  • Keep doors and windows closed when the heat is being distributed
  • Clear areas in front of vents from furniture
  • Raise shades and blinds to let the sun warm your building
  • Calibrate your thermostats to ensure accurate readings
  • Replace missing insulation in high-pressure steam distribution systems
  • Repair leaks in steam traps
  • Insulate boilers with an insulating blanket
  • Perform regular HVAC maintenance and change filters monthly to improve air quality and reduce energy use

Whether you are considering changing the type of heat control your building has or implementing a few of the tips above and need more information or assistance, call MAC today.  MAC is a contractor Kansas City property and facility managers have trusted for more than 25 years.  We provide facility repairscustom cabinetry servicestenant finish services and more!



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