Custom Millwork to Complete Your Facility

Custom millwork offers a multitude of benefits for commercial spaces from establishing an identity to branding to adding touches of elegance and comfort.  Handcrafted details can turn a dull or cookie cutter space into a visually appealing area where occupants want to work and gather. Beautiful and individualized spaces require the right millwork contractor in addition to the right selection of millwork pieces.

Create an Identity and Branding

Many spaces in office and industrial buildings can often look bland and boring. Neutral painted walls or mass-produced furnishings can make one area look the same as another. Make your facility stand out from the competition by adding details that communicate the unique aspects of your business. Custom millwork such as handcrafted scrolls on desk corners, custom designed solid surface fabrication, custom cabinetry and more demonstrate your commitment to quality.

Add Elegance, Warmth and Completeness

Communicate elegance, warmth and beauty to visitors with custom millwork. This gives visitors the sense you are professional, competent and dedicated. They may not specifically notice the decorative touches you add, but they will feel the difference as all the details come together to give them a comfortable sensory experience. The addition of custom millwork also allows you to create a finished, complete look to your facility, making the space more appealing to visitors and occupants.

Select Pieces that Fit the Purpose of your Space

The benefits of custom commercial millwork are obtained when you choose the right pieces for your facility or space.  A reputable commercial millwork contractor can help you to identify the choices that will work best for your space and provide the expertise needed to install these details.  Mid-America Contractors can find help you can take the necessary steps to find the right details to help you achieve your goals.

For more information or an estimate for custom millwork, contact Mid-America Contractors today.   MAC is a contractor Kansas City property and facility managers have trusted for more than 25 years.  We provide facility repairs, custom cabinetry services, tenant finish services and more!




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