Fall Facility Tips

Fall Facility Tips

It’s August and back to school time!  Soon the cooler temperatures will arrive and your facility needs to be prepared for the harsh winter conditions. Now is the time to make those preparations.  Read below for important tips to keep your facility safe this winter.

Change HVAC Filters

Changing the air filters in HVAC systems is an important part of facility preventive maintenance. Regular filter changes can extend the life of units, reduce energy consumption and prevent system failures.

Place Proper Mats at Entrance and Exit Locations

A door mat is the first line of defense in keeping dirt out of a facility. Mats also help to reduce potential slip hazards. Mats should be placed outside of entrance doors and continue inside.  This provides visitors three times to clear their shoes of dirt and liquid. 80 percent of dirt and debris in a facility enters from people’s feet and the best way to reduce cleaning costs is to prevent dirt from entering a facility.

Seal Sidewalk Cracks

Regular sealing of cracks in sidewalks and paved areas should be performed during the fall season. This prevents water from freezing inside the cracks which could cause the concrete to spall and deteriorate, leading to more costly repairs later. Water penetration can also cause sub-grade to soften, leading to settlement and potholes.

Inspect the Roof

Inspect your facility’s roof or hire a qualified roofing contractor to note any repairs that need to be made before cold temperatures and snow arrives.  Look for sags, pulls, tears and small holes.  Any small opening in a roof can potentially lead disaster and hazardous situations if rain or snow seeps in the during the fall or winter.

For more information or an estimate for a facility repair or improvement, contact Mid-America Contractors today.   MAC is a contractor Kansas City property and facility managers have trusted for more than 25 years.  We provide facility repairs, custom cabinetry services, tenant finish services and more!


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