Post Summer Roof Inspection Tips

It’s been a hot and humid summer so far in Kansas City.  Most commercial roofing materials are meant to handle many weather conditions during its expected lifetime.  However, extreme temperatures and severe weather can cause unexpected problems for building owners, property managers and facility managers.

When the weather starts to cool, it is time to inspect for your roof from possible damage from the heat and sun.  An inspection in the fall will also note any necessary repairs before the harsh winter conditions arrive.  Roofing emergencies during the winter months may take up weeks before a reputable contractor can get the issue resolved.

Below are a few actions that facility and property managers can take to pinpoint areas that are of concern before they become major problems:

Check for damage from intense heat and UV rays

UV exposure over time diminishes the roof’s ability to maintain its barrier. The hot summer sun also causes seams to pull apart and in some cases, laxity and cracking. Take pictures to document the damage and contact a reputable roof contractor to look at it.

Walk the entire roof

When the roof is large, utilize several experienced maintenance personnel to inspect the roof for pulls, tears, material separation, degradation of surface, bubbling, blistering or cracks around flashing. Any small opening in a roof can potentially lead disaster and hazardous situations if rain or snow seeps in the during the fall or winter.

Look for sagging or low areas on the roof 

Damage caused by sun and heat may not be immediately visible to an untrained eye.  However, if you see an area on the roof that slumps, be sure to contact a professional for inspection and repair.  This is a serious issue that can lead to larger problems because of the ability to hold water.  The sun can also weaken coatings and allow trapped water to seep under the sheathing which can rot the sub-roofing materials and eventually the structure’s safety.

When summer wraps up and you are ready for a roof inspection, contact a reputable contractor.   MAC is a contractor Kansas City property and facility managers have trusted for more than 25 years.  Call us today for more information about your roof or other needs you have for your facility!


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