“No Sweat” Ideas for Keeping Facility Occupants Cool this Summer

As the temperature rises in Kansas City, keeping your facility occupants cool is important.  When the air conditioning system fails to work on a sweltering July afternoon, everyone suffers.  However, it is not too late to prevent summer facility issues with a few easy actions.

HVAC Service

A properly working air conditioning system is critical for all facilities during the blazing heat of summer. Routine inspections and repairs can help you avoid a nasty outage that can make your occupants extremely unhappy.  Changing filters on a regular basis, checking the system for obstructions, and making sure the roof is in good condition to handle the HVAC system will help prevent a major system breakdown.

Warehouse Fans

Floor and ceiling fans help your warehouse remain tolerable during the hot months. You can also apply a coat of white paint on the roof to deflect the sun’s rays, preventing heat buildup. All door and window areas should be checked for airflow.  Properly installed insulation and door strips will reduce hot air from entering warehouse spaces.

Protect Vacant Spaces

Reduced occupancy and vacant spaces may occur during the summer months in your facility. Be sure to regularly check these low traffic areas for leaks, mold, infestations, or any other problems. It is easy for issues in unoccupied spaces without daily visitors to go unnoticed for weeks. Small problems can quickly turn into a fiasco. Make sure unauthorized visitors are not using vacant spaces.  This is an optimal time to remove furniture, clean carpets and floors, and perform heavy repairs that are difficult to complete when the space is occupied.

Although summer officially starts on June 20, start making your preparations now.  The weather is starting to heat up and it’s never too late to take actions that will keep your facility cool and comfortable this year.

For more information, contact MAC today.   MAC is a contractor Kansas City property and facility managers have trusted for more than 25 years.  MAC can help you with any facility repairsremodelingcustom cabinetryconstruction and many other projects.




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