Industrial Painting Considerations for Facility & Property Managers

Facility and property managers for industrial facilities usually have a lot on their plate. Painting can often be overlooked since it doesn’t directly affect daily operations. However, when the need for a painting project becomes a priority, be sure it gets done effectively and efficiently.  Below are some important considerations when painting an industrial facility.

Budget and Plan

Painting projects are usually unaccounted for in budgets, which can lead to lower quality painting jobs that require repainting expenses later.

Durable Materials and Equipment

Choosing durable materials is important. Evaluate the cost per year of a coating by factoring its price and life expectancy. If certain areas of the facility need frequent repainting, it’s likely that the coating is low quality and costing more annually.  Equipment is also important for a faster and higher quality paint job.  Good brushes, rollers or metalizing systems have a positive impact on the overall speed and quality.

Paints and Coatings

Low VOC paints are environmentally friendly and can save the company time and money. Facility occupants and employees do not need to vacate the area while the paint dries.  Work is not interrupted since low VOC paints do not emit the level of fumes emitted by other paints. In addition, antimicrobial coatings applied to high moisture and sanitation areas can save time and money on cleaning.

Avoid Silicon Caulk

Silicon resists water, but it also resists almost evert type of paint. Fresh paint will bead up and peel and will need to be removed before painting over it.

For more information or with your next painting project, call MAC today.  MAC is a contractor Kansas City property and facility managers have trusted for more than 25 years.  MAC can help you with any facility repairsremodelingcustom cabinetry and many other projects.  Contact us today for a free consultation.



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