Proactive Planning for a Successful Renovation

When you have a facility or office renovation that needs to take place, proactive planning will help achieve a high-quality, cost-efficient project.  Starting the planning process early increases your chances for a successful renovation. Early and proactive planning can prevent several headaches that might plague a commercial remodeling or expansion project. Listed below are tips to help the renovation process proceed smoothly and successfully.

Devise an Effective Team

Having the right team in place for the job is critical.  Devise your team early that contains all the required disciplines that works well together and develops a sense of ownership toward the project. Your team should be composed of the right architectural and interior design team, a qualified, reputable general contractor and the facility executive or representative for the project owner.

Do Preliminary Research

To eliminate potential problems, the project team should conduct preliminary research on the facility to be renovated. Although this research may require an additional cost, it’s far less expensive than dealing with problems later. This research expense can be budgeted into the project if conducted as early as possible.  The research should include a thorough evaluation of existing conditions, mechanical and electrical systems, quality of utilities, and historic elements.  Involving the local building inspector early in the process is also advised to ensure all zoning, fire, seismic, and ADA requirements meet current codes.  Be sure to also include any regulatory entities overseeing the project early as well.

Develop a Reasonable Schedule

A schedule should be established after careful evaluation of all issues that impact the timing of a specific project. A few examples include material lead times and potential tenant disruption. Start with the date that the renovated space must be ready and work backward. Be sure to allot ample time for each project phase.  Having a reasonable schedule will keep the renovation flowing smoothly without sacrificing the quality of construction work or going over budget.

Devise a Contingency Budget

A project that has been carefully planned can still be hit with a few surprises. It is recommended to set aside a contingency budget of approximately 10 percent. This fund should be developed above and beyond the allocated budget for the project to provide some breathing room for unexpected circumstances.

Proactive planning can help you minimize the pitfalls that can occur during the construction process. While it requires upfront consideration and legwork, it will greatly improve the chances of a high-quality, cost-efficient project of which the project team and owner can both be proud.  If you are planning to remodel a facility or space, contact Mid-America Contractors today. MAC is a contractor Kansas City property and facility managers have trusted for more than 25 years.  Our clients can attest to our jobs being completed on-time, within budget and done by a professional staff that does only quality work.


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