Frozen Water Pipe Prevention

Kansas City can get very cold in the winter with temperatures that dip well below freezing. With winter around the corner, make sure your facility is prepared to prevent water from freezing in pipes and sprinkler systems which can cause flooding and damage.

Heat and Back-Up Power

Facilities that do not have heat during a power outage in the winter can cause water in pipes to freeze.  Be sure you have a reliable back-up power to provide heat for the building. A stand by generator in place will give you peace of mind when ice and snow cause extended power outages.  UL-approved gas or electric unit heaters are also able to be installed in unheated sprinkler control valve/fire pump rooms. These heaters should also be connected to the back-up power source.

Monitoring Systems

Having a monitoring system installed that notifies you if the building’s temperature falls below a certain number can prevent water from freezing. Sprinkler systems should also be monitored by a central station for early detection of a pipe failure. Placing a monitored automatic excess flow switch on the main water line can provide notification of a broken pipe or valve when the business is closed.

Insulation and Sealing

Partition walls, vents, plumbing stacks, electric and mechanical chases, all doors and windows need to be properly insulated and sealed. Recessed light fixtures in the ceiling also need to be insulated. There is no need for added insulation or sealing if the space above a suspended ceiling is conditioned. Additionally, seal all wall cracks and penetrations including fire protection lines, electrical conduit and other utility service lines.  Be sure to also install insulation and or apply heat trace tape to wet sprinkler system piping including main lines coming up from underground passing through a wall as well as sprinkler branch lines.

These winter weather business protection tips described above can help give you piece of mind during the winter months. Greatly reduce your building’s potential structural loss and loss of business operations due to large snow falls, freezing temperatures and power outages. For more information on preventing commercial building losses, contact MAC today.

MAC is a WBE certified contractor Kansas City property and facility managers have trusted for more than 25 years.  Call us today for more information about our commercial remodeling services,emergency repair services, custom cabinetry and other needs you have for your facility!




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