Thinking of Remodeling a Space for a New Tenant? Read This First.

Facility and property managers that maintain commercial spaces know that the better a building looks and operates is important to finding and keeping renters and occupants.  When you are in the process of planning a commercial remodeling job for a facility or space for a new tenant, be sure to take into account the following tips for a successful and timely job completion.

Invest in Quality

There’s no question that remodeling will involve time and money, but investing in quality materials and equipment for a commercial renovation will affect perceptions about the space. Commercial renovations imply success and improves the perceived value. For potential occupants and employees, working in an appealing and well-designed space fosters morale and may spark greater interest in the facility.

Have a Plan for Success

The following steps will help you to make your next remodeling project smooth and seamless:

  1. Determine Exactly What Needs to be Replaced

When remodeling an existing property, check to see how much of the building’s existing infrastructure and framework can be use. Remodeling costs can be reduced by keeping existing electrical panels, plumbing fixtures, load-bearing beams, gas lines and cable and phone wiring intact rather than replacing them altogether. If complete structures need to be replaced, then installing new items such as floors, ceilings and lights may be more cost-effective for the job.

  1. Choose Your Contractor Wisely

Obtain bids from commercial contractors who can advise you on the latest trends, approaches and strategies for renovation. Find a reputable, experienced and reliable contractor who meets deadlines and budgets in addition to being bonded, licensed and insured.  Your contractor should advise you throughout the process to ensure the right permits are processed, guarantee management approvals are finalized and construction work is done according to health and safety codes.

  1. Assemble a Structured Timeline

Once you’ve chosen a contractor that is serious about meeting deadlines consistently, develop a timeline that keeps the project on track. Hiring a contractor who meets deadlines and finishes your project on budget is essential for minimizing costs.

Remodeling your space sends the message to potential tenants that you are willing to invest in their future.  If you are planning to remodel a facility or space, contact Mid-America Contractors today. MAC is a contractor Kansas City property and facility managers have trusted for more than 25 years.  Our clients can attest to our jobs being completed on-time, within budget and done by a professional staff that does only quality work.




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