Distributing Air in Your Facility with Efficiency

It’s been a hot summer in Kansas City this year.  It is important to keep your facility or warehouse cool for a comfortable working environment, temperature control for certain items and preventing issues resulting from a hot space.  Besides having a properly working HVAC system, HVLS fans are also an effective way to keep air moving and the temperature down.  Below are a few tips when installing HVLS fans for your facility or warehouse.

HVLS fans are often effective to lower the temperature of commercial facilities. A cooling breeze is created when the large fan blades rotate and fully distribute the heat layers and create a large column of air. High volume, low speed fans tend to be more efficient than small high speed fans.

Ceiling Mounts

The locations of your HVLS fans are the most important factors when distributing air. Incorrect positioning could increase the cost of operation and decrease productivity.  Ceiling mounted HLVS fans will evenly distribute the air flow and ensure there are no heat pockets. Decreasing the amount of work performed by your HVAC system by cooling many areas of the facility with fans will cut down on energy consumption.  How close the fan is to the ceiling also determines how much air movement within the facility. Lower installations result in more air movement at a lower diameter, but higher installations result in less movement over a larger diameter.  It is comparable to having a fan inside a cone. As the fan is raised, the cone spreads out, but the cone shrinks when you lower the fan.

Using the Right Size Fan Blades

Make sure you have the right size blade on your fans. The proper size of fan is critical to temperature distribution. The larger the fan, the slower the turn. More volume is created with a lower velocity of air. Two main components help determine the size of fan you need for your space:  the size of the room and the height of the ceiling.

When looking to distribute air in your facility or warehouse with HVLS fans, it’s important to find a contractor to install them correctly for efficient performance. Mid-America Contractors has a special services department that can help you with any installation project.  MAC is a contractor Kansas City property and facility managers have trusted for more than 25 years.  Call us today for more information on HLVS fan installation or other needs you have for your facility!




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