Choosing the Right Facility Flooring

If your facility floor needs replacing, there are many important considerations that can impact your decision. Facility type and application, durability and maintenance, and cost are all factors that should be assessed when choosing a new floor.

Facility Type and Application

There are many types of flooring out there, but they type of facility and application matters when choosing the right one.  Depending your space, flooring may be used create a certain ambiance. A busy retail space requires different flooring than a quiet waiting room in a medical facility.  Offices and multi-family buildings usually require a soft flooring in some spots, but a hard surface in others. A showroom floor will also require a different type of floor to display products. Areas where water may build should have a floor that is not porous to prevent mold.  Another important consideration is sound.  Carpet absorbs sound while hard surface floors tend to bounce sound.  Be sure to assess which areas have high and low traffic to aid you in the decision-making process.

Maintenance and Durability 

Be sure to also consider the feasibility of keeping your choice maintained and clean. Many hard surface floors clean easily, but some materials such as natural stone may require intense cleaning procedures to maintain their appearance.   Carpeting can be maintained with vacuuming and spot cleaning on a regular basis, but may require replacement sooner than a hard surface floor.  Carpet tiles are often a popular choice today due to their versatility.  They have the benefits of sound absorption and a soft feel, yet replacement of tiles in high traffic areas is easier than a complete floor replacement.


The last item to consider is cost.  With every project there is a budget and costs of flooring vary by type.  Be sure to choose a floor type that is in your budget after taking measurements and evaluating prices.

When it is time for you to consider facility floor replacement, choose a partner that can help you through the process.  Mid-America Contractors has a special services department that can help you with any flooring project.  MAC is a contractor Kansas City property and facility managers have trusted for more than 25 years.  Call us today for more information on commercial floor replacement or other needs you have for your facility!




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