Summer HVAC Maintenance

Maintaining a comfortable environment for your facility occupants is essential.  An efficient HVAC system is a large part of what makes a healthy environment for a building. Even a brand new, top of the line system needs regular maintenance to run smooth, save money and extend its life.  Below are some preventative maintenance tips for your facility’s HVAC system.

Change Filters Regularly
In any commercial setting, changing the filters monthly or quarterly is extremely important to reduce dust and other contaminants in the facility. This is especially true for industrial buildings, which often contain an increased amount of particulates in the air. Also, blocked filters could cause a system to malfunction because of restricted airflow. Make scheduled filter replacements a priority to lessen the opportunity for expensive repairs.

Regular Inspections

Inspecting your system on a regular basis can often fix an issue before it leads to a larger and costly HVAC repair.  During the hot summer months, be sure to check the fan and blower motor and make any necessary adjustments.  Also be sure to look at the refrigerant charge and check for leaks if charge is low.  Check all electrical connections, air flow, and operation of thermostats for any needed repairs.  Lastly, inspect the condition of belts and pulleys and replace them if needed.

Cleaning and Lubrication

All HVAC systems need regular cleaning and oil. Motors, bearings and other moving parts in the system need to be greased so they do not get dry and cause a problem.  The condenser, evaporator coils, drain lines and pans should all be cleaned out on a regular basis to prevent a buildup of moisture.

To ensure a constant comfortable temperature and clean air in your facility this summer, regular inspections and maintenance must be performed.   Preventative maintenance will also enhance the system’s performance, efficiency and longevity.  For more information concerning your building’s HVAC system, contact Mid-America Contractors today.  We can help you with your HVAC maintenance or fix any necessary repairs with our 24/7 Special Services team!


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