Create a Lasting Impression with Custom Cabinetry

Whether you are looking to build new a space or remodel and existing one, first impressions are important and they create the mood occupants and clients experience in your facility.  Custom cabinets can add décor, ambiance, and are always the right fit. Custom cabinets can integrate with all building styles, whether it is ultra-modern, traditional, old-world, country or exotic.  Mid-America Contractors has an in-house cabinet shop and can help you choose the right type of material and design to make your space unique.

Benefits of Custom Commercial Cabinets

Custom cabinets provide an attractive aesthetic that is pleasing to the eye and is guaranteed to have a perfect fit.  Custom designed cabinets intermix easily with all building materials such as metal, concrete, glass or wood.   Unique customized cabinetry can create eye-catching focal points, inviting areas and a touch of elegance.  Custom display cases, racks, shelves, tables, and storage cabinets can be installed into walls or built as movable units that allow for flexibility of change and movement.

Benefits of Working with a Custom Cabinet Contractor

There are several important advantages to consider when choosing new cabinets for your facility.  A contractor that has an in-house shop provides a “one-stop-shop” for architects, engineers, contractors, designers, and real estate professionals.  This also yields versatility for accommodating all requirements for a remodeling or new construction project.  In-house manufacturing also means competitive lead times, flexible scheduling and change orders.  Keep these benefits in mind when choosing a contractor and cabinets.

Trust the Experts

Mid-America Contractors can help you build your next project by creating an inviting space and atmosphere for your building occupants and customers.  We are one of very few Kansas City commercial contractors that have a custom cabinet shop. Contact us today for more information!


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