Defining Tenant Finish

Tenant finish is a main component of our business.  Mid-America has specialized in tenant improvements and finish for over 25 years in Kansas City. We work closely with commercial real estate brokers and managers, investors, tenants and landlords to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget.  While many different types of interior commercial improvements exist, most will fall into the following categories: interior improvements, landlord improvements or tenant finish and improvements.

Tenant Finish and Improvements

A building owner or tenant may request modifications of a commercial space to configure the space to accommodate specific requirements of the tenant.  These changes are also known as leasehold improvements and are part of a lease agreement that include walls, floor, ceiling, lighting and other improvements.

Landlord Improvements

Landlord improvements are modifications of a commercial space made by the building owner prior to tenant improvements. Landlord improvements are standardized alterations a building owner requests for a commercial space prior to a lease agreement. The commercial space is configured for a quick turn over to a tenant for improvements. These changes often include modifications to walls, floors, ceilings, lighting and more.

Interior Improvements

Interior improvements are modifications of a commercial space requested by a building owner or tenant. These types of improvements are often requested prior to signing a lease or as part of a lease agreement. Common requests include wall, floor, ceiling, lighting and other improvements.

The real estate and construction industries refer to tenant improvements as several different terms.  The definition of these terms can vary  so it is important use them properly to avoid confusion.   Tenant finish, leasehold improvements, commercial construction, interior improvements, construction improvements and commercial remodeling are all used widely terms but defined differently across industries, but knowing the correct use of these terms can help you with your next improvement project.  For more information about tenant finish services in Kansas City   or other commercial remodeling projects, contact Mid-America Contractors today.


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